Sumac sprouting

We had a large sumac removed from our back yard last fall - it was quite possible 20+ years old. This spring, I've noticed sprouts of sumac all over the back yard and side yard, even in raised flower beds. I've been using Round-up as I spot them, but I'm afraid some of them will take hold and become large trees in out of the way places before I can find them. Do you have any suggestions for ridding the yard of these nuisances?
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There's no real easy way to get rid of them except with persistence. If Round up isn't working well, I'd switch to something a bit stronger like a brush killer. Cut your saplings down to ground level and immediately apply brush killer to the exposed surfaces. Look for a brush killer that will work for trees and if sumac is listed on the label, that's even better. You can buy brush killers at Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart or independent garden centers.

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