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Suggestions for low maintenance, informal hedge along road edge at front yard of unassuming suburban house with no close neighbors?

We want an attractive, low maintenance, not formal hedge along the edge of our front yard that will provide some privacy screening and perhaps dust control as we abut a fairly busy 2 lane roadway. It is northern exposure, with tall pine trees across the road from us. The area gets some afternoon sun for about 3-4 hours. Can you offer any suggestions? Many thanks.

Submitted by kathe.liias

If you don't want/need a formal hedge, it's a good idea to plant a mixture of several different types of shrubs in clusters. That way, if something happens to one of them, the effect of the entire hedge is not compromised. There are numerous shrubs that would withstand the partial shade that you describe, grow tall enough to provide screening, and are hardy in your Zone. You can use the advanced search option in our plant encyclopedia to get a list of possibilities that fit the criteria you're looking for.

Answered by DSchrock

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