Stunted growth of my red twigged Dogwood shrubs.

My red twigged Dogwood shrubs are stunted with their leaf opening this spring. The leaves started to open but they are barely open & they stopped opening. There are just little starter leaves. A few leaves on some bushs have totally opened but they look deformed. They are very narrow. I am watering & fertilizing them. The leaves just won't open or grow normally. What's wrong with them?
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It's possible that this is herbicide damage (or perhaps a different chemical of some sort). That is the sort of symptoms you might see in spring when a plant has been exposed late the previous season to excessive levels of weed preventer, broadleaf weed killer or Roundup. If so, there is little you can do except wait and see if the plants grow out of it. They often do, though it can take a year or so.  

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