spring shrubs and tress blooming in Sept.

I have a spirea and a crab apple tree I just planted this spring and they are now blooming. The spirea bush has had funny looking, curled up leaves, since the freeze got it in the spring. Just part of the leaves are this way and they are the ones blooming. We are having hot weather, nothing spring like in temperature. Will these bloom next spring?
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If you just planted this spring, the shrubs are probably blooming in response to stress. Keep them well watered during this hot weather. They should drop their foliage naturally come fall, and get onto a normal schedule next spring. The curled leaves may have been attacked by aphids or other sucking insects. Look closely and you may see the remains of whitish insect bodies. Destroy the affected leaves to stop spreading; never put infected plant material on the compost pile. Apply a mulch of organic material round the roots and cover with evergreen boughs to prevent heaving after the ground freezes.

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