I have a 9 yr. old Japanese maple which has developed a 6 in. crack about 10 inches from the base. The crack is about 1.5 inches deep and was not caused by anything like a plow or car. What can I do to stop the crack from spreading or should I just leave it? The tree is perfect except for this.
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All maples are susceptible to sunscald and frost crack because they have thin bark until they become older. It may help to wrap the trunk of your Japanese maple with tree wrap over winter, but during spring and summer, the tree wrap should be removed. Allow the crack to be exposed to sunlight and air so that it remains dry and seals itself off from possible rotting fungi. Do not try to cover it up with wound dressing or anything else.
It is advisable to keep the tree watered well and fertilized to prevent further stress to it.

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