I'd like to plant a spiraea (or 2 or 3!)--I LOVE how they look. But I was surprised--& disappointed--to read (on a blog) that "they can be very aggressive & in some cases even downright invasive”... I'd never read anything that mentioned this anywhere else on the web, but, as most garden bloggers write from personal experience (& aren't trying to sell you something), I tend to trust what they say... Is this true?? HOW aggressive/invasive are they?? How do they spread, & how do you control them??

Submitted by shan_kat7

In the Midwest, at least, spirea is not at all invasive. An occasional seedling may pop up, but those interlopers are easily rogued out. Sometimes plants that area invasive in one area of the country may behave perfectly well in another region.


Answered by DSchrock

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