Silver Maple - leaves are all turning yellow

We're in a zone 3. Our Silver maple looked like it was dying last year. Now all the leaves have turned yellow. We don't know what it needs. Would a fertilizer help. We haven't noticed any bugs. The growing season has been cool, but not particularly wet.
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What symptoms did you see last year that made the tree look like it was dying? Did the tree defoliate early? Did the leaves turn yellow similar to this year? Was the entire tree affected or only a portion of it?

If the entire tree is uniformly affected, it's likely to be something affecting the main trunk or root system, which could include effects of the weather/environment.

Did or is the tree producing a heavy crop of seeds this year? Sometimes if that is  case, the tree puts so much energy into seed production that little is left over for the leaves, and you'll see off-color or yellowing.

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