Should the plastic wrap be left around the Mulberry plant when planting it?

I left the plastic wrap around the trunk of my mulberry when I planted it. Its few remaining leaves have turned brown. I just took the wrap off, and it appears that the tree was growing into the plastic. What can I do?
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It sounds as if the tree was choking to death. If you don't remove those plastic wraps after planting a tree, the tree will grow into them and eventually die. Luckily, mulberries are pretty tough, so yours may recover. Water it during dry periods and apply balanced fertilizer if it recovers. Next time remember to remove that plastic wrap when you buy a tree. Thin-barked species such as maple, apple, linden, and cherry may benefit from a protective wrap during the winter, but take off the wrap during the summer while the tree is actively growing. Mulch around the base of the tree so that weeds and grass won't grow near the trunk. That way you won't be tempted to use a weed whip near the trunk and cause injury to tender bark.

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