Should I continue to water my tree roots to save my trees?

I live in North Texas.We are have not had any rain for over six months.I have some small red maple trees.With the temperature being over 100 for 3 months,the leaves have all dried up.I water the trees everyday to try to keep the roots alive.My question is will the trees still live if I keep the roots moist.

Submitted by djdolloy

Hi, Well if you can keep your trees moist they should be fine However, when you say the leaves have dried up, I wonder if it isn't too late for your trees. I don't have enough information to go on here, but I'd say, if the trees aren't already dead, then keep watering them as long as you can. And, put a thick mulch of shredded bark or some other material around them to preserve the precious moisture you are adding.

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