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sego palms

what causes sego palms to turn brown & what can i do about it ?
Submitted by atouchofclass1



Thanks for writing. Sago palms may develop brown fronds from a number of things, including:


  • Exposure to especially cold temperatures
  • Exposure to herbicides or other chemicals
  • Disease
  • The plant getting too much moisture
  • The plant drying out
  • Bad soil pH
  • The plant needing more manganese or another micronutrient


For more help, I'd check with the staff at your county extension service. They should be able to help more if you can bring in a sample of an affected front for their examination.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I just lost a second sego in three weeks...and when I dissected the last one, I found a white nest of something living in what should have been the heart of the palm. Any way to kill the things, whatever it is, so that the rest of my segos don't suffer the same fate...? Thanks... Marcia
Submitted by Oldhag1951