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Rooting a Forsythia Branch.

I live in Saratoga, Calif. Can I root a forsythia branch with rooting hormones? The branch I have now in my vase has almost all of its flowers bloomed and leaves are starting to come out. I would love to be able to plant these branches. Or it would be easier just to buy a shrub from Home Depot?If so, how big of a plant should I get it for it to thrive.

Submitted by dingdong128

If you want to root a forsythia from a cutting, it should be done in the softwood stage, taking cuttings from the current season's growth after it has become firm enough to snap when bent, but before it becomes woody. You can also propagate forsythia by bending a branch down to the soil and burying a portion of it a couple inches deep. Roots usually form along the buried stem after several months.

It's definitely easier to purchase a shrub from a garden center. The size to get depends on your budget, and the care that you can give it. Smaller plants will be cheaper, but require a bit more care to become established.

Answered by DSchrock

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