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Red Flower plants; what is thier name?

I live down South, Houston, Texas area and would like to know a name of a plant/shrub that people are putting in their yards this year. It's a bush and has red flowers on it; from far away they look like roses, but up close they are pretty red flowers. I have been to nurseries looking for them and haven't found them yet. I guess I will just have to go a ask a landscraper that is working in a neighbor that I see these plants. If you know the name, please advise. They are not knock off roses.
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see a picture of the plants, I'm sorry to say I can't say what they are. However, if they're common in your area, the staff at your local garden center or nursery should know what they are --- I'd start there. Otherwise, you can take a picture of one and post it on our Web site at   --- let me know the URL and we should be able to help after seeing it.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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