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when is it ok to cut back (prune) shrubs like gardenias they are getting to large for the area? Also is it ok to move an established tree a (Dwarft crepe Myrle) to another spot in the early spring?
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Thanks for writing. You can prune back most shrubs any time in spring or summer, or in winter without harm to the plant. However, if it's a flowering shrub, you'll want to take note of when it blooms as pruning time affects how well it blooms the next year. Plants that bloom on old growth need to be pruned right after they finish flowering in spring; plants that bloom on new growth can be cut back in winter or early spring.


You can transplant crape myrtle in spring or fall; both are okay if you keep the plant well watered while it becomes established in its new spot.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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