Pruning of Eastern Redbud

I have an eastern redbud growing in the northeast location (backyard) of our property and it is doing very well. I am in Zone 5, Nova Scotia, Canada. The branches are low to the ground, but it is growing well and wide. My husband wants to prune it so that there is some room to mow the lawn under its spreading branches. What is the proper way to prune it or should it just be allowed to grow naturally? It is my favourite tree on our property and I want to properly care for it.
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Thanks for writing. The tree will develop its best natural shape if you don't prune it at all, but if you'd like to remove the lower branches to limb it up, you can certainly do so. You'll keep a somewhat natural look if you always cut a branch back to where it meets another branch or stem.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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