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Possible vegetation killing spray on my 1 yr old Lilac bush.

My lilac was doing fine until this week when I noticed that the leaves are brown & curling & are falling off. I also noticed that my neighbor must have sprayed a vegetation killer in his yard which borders my property. His grass is dead in paths along his garage and along his fence & I am assuming he wanted to get rid of a pesty little vining plant that had been growing in the grass. The weather here was extremely hot (90 degrees) with dry days & then suddenly days of rain. Help me save my plant
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Unfortunately, once the plant absorbs the herbicide, there's not much you can do but wait and see. It's possible that the lilac didn't absorb enough herbicide to completely kill it. You may notice a defoliation followed by releafing. Entire branches may be killed, but the crown may survive and send up new shoots. If you'd witnessed the spraying, you could've grabbed the hose and washed it off quickly to avoid damage.

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