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Peach tree is growing well but has not set fruit in 4 years; how do I encourage it to fruit?

Eastern Panhandle of WV-I planted a peach tree, from a local nursery, in 2005 and harvest very few peaches in 2006. There have been no peaches at all since then. The tree is in a full sun area, it's growing and leafing well, and is fed every spring. How can I encourage fruit production? I have 2 apple trees with the same issue.
Submitted by audraweisenber

It's not unusual for a fruit tree to take up to 5 years to reach bearing age, so it may just be a matter of patience, waiting for the tree to be mature enough to fruit well since it sounds as though the tree is growing well otherwise. One caution: you may be giving the tree too much fertilizer. High nitrogen amounts can stimulate lush vegetation at the expense of fruit. Try cutting back on the fertilizer.

It's also possible that late spring frosts could have damaged any flower buds in the past couple of years. Did you see any blooms on the tree?

Answered by DSchrock
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The peach tree has an abundance of blooms each spring also.
Submitted by audraweisenber