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Overwintering a potted hydrangea inside

My friends went together and bought me a beautiful hydrangea bush. I will be planting it myself, but live in NW Pa. 1 hour south of Erie and Lake Erie! I want to wait till spring to plant it because we have already had 3 frosts and 1 1" snow. How do I keep it over the winter as I have a garage but no basement? Also, do I water it at all? I want to plant it outside in the spring.
Submitted by kmatlak

You will likely have more success overwintering your hydrangea by planting it outdoors and mulching it in well rather than trying to overwinter it in the basement or in the garage. The root zone of the plant is the critical part of the plant to survive. If you bury the roots, they will be insulated against temperature fluctuations. If your can maintain your garage at or just above freezing, it could remain dormant there. However, it usually warms up enough at times that new growth begins which will be killed back by later drops in temperature. At least outdoors, the plant will remain dormant all winter.

Answered by DSchrock

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