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Osmanthus leaves turning brown/white?

I just purchased two Osmanthus (sweet olive) shrubs and have been watering daily. The leaves are brown on the edges and the inner part of the leaf looks yellow almost white on the new growth. My climate zone is 8 and the temperatures have been in mid to higher 90's. I have the shrubs in full sun, still in containers. What am I doing wrong? Should I wait and plant them once the temperature has cooled down?

Submitted by tdicochea

Hi! Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but without being able to see your plant, I can't say for certain what's happening. Unfortuantely, this free service really isn't meant for trying to diagose plant problems. 

My best suggestion is to take a sample in to the folks at your local garden center, county extension service, or nursery and see if they can take a look. Seeing it in person should help a lot. ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, 

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