nonblooming sicjkkly redbud tree

How to you care for a redbud tree?
Submitted by dogfrogfive

Hi, Well it's impossible to diagnose a problem with your tree without more information, but in general, redbuds like full to partial sun and a rich, well drained, moist soil. I don't know what else to tell you since I don't know what's going on with your tree.

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Thanks for your help Doug, and I'm sorry to have given you such a vague description. I live in central NC. Zone 7. Unfortunately there is a Black Chestnut and several Pecan trees nearby. Only recently did I hear of Juglin and hope that's not the case. Several articles I read said the Redbud was OK to plant. Last year was the first year I had the 4ft tree. It had some leaves on it and appeared fine. However, this year the branches are completely bare. The tree still is alive though.
Submitted by dogfrogfive