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Non-flowering Dogwood?

My mom bought us 3 dogwoods about 2 years ago. They did not specify that they were a nonflowering variety. They have been through 2 blooming seasons since we planted them and they have not bloomed yet. (Not even 1 bloom.) We live in TN. Are there any distinct physical characteristics that I can look for to determine if this is a NON-flowering variety. The plants themselves look great (very green & healthy). Is there something that I can add to the soil to help them to bloom? THANKS Kelly
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The flower buds are shaped like pointy-tipped balls on short stalks. They appear before the tree leafs out. Flower buds can be damaged by frost or disease. Trees that are stressed by drought or poor nutrition may not set buds. Encourage strong growth by fertilizing twice a year and watering well in dry spells. Take some branch samples to your local nursery and ask the garden staff if they see any disease symptoms.

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