Non-blooming Hydrangeas

I have two hydrangeas that refuse to bloom, They have plenty of foliage but no flowers. I tried fertilizer and changing their location. I have two close by that are the same species that bloom all the time. Any suggestions?
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Since the others are blooming for you, you probably are pruning them correctly. Are the non-bloomers in a windier or colder location? Cold damage is a common cause of non-blooming. Or the plants could be getting too much shade. Hydrangeas do grow well in shady locations, but will bloom better with some sun. You may have over fertilized the plants when you moved them. Fertilizer is good, but too much fertilizer, especially high nitrogen fertilizer, will encourage lots of leaf growth with few flowers. I'd leave the plants alone this year. Let them get established in the new location, cut back on fertilizer, and see if they bloom next year.

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