no flowers on lilac

The lilac is planted in full sun and has never bloomed. What can I do to get those wonderful flowers?
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"Here are a couple of things to check before you despair of ever having lovely lilac blooms:
1. Make sure that ""full sun"" means at least six hours a day.
2. Prune in late spring, right after lilac's bloom time. If you pruned in summer, fall or winter, you removed its flower buds for the coming growing season.
3. Your winters are very mild in Zone 8. if you have a variety other than Syringa meyeri, your lilac may not be able to set buds in such a mild climate. Get a Meyer's Lilac-it flowers better in mild climates.
4. You could have an old-fashioned variety that takes six years to first bloom. Just wait.
--Stephanie Hainsfurther

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