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No blooms on hydrangeas

My hydrangea's are at least five years old. They just won't bloom the way they should. I may get one to two blooms, and that's all. I have 6 bushes. 4 in one area-1 in another area and one in yet another area. All get 6-8 hrs of sun. I have pruned to the ground. I have left the old growth alone and still nothing. I am ready to yank them all out of the ground if they don't start blooming. I LOVE hydrangea's. Please, help or they're gone.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

"You don't say what hardiness Zone you're in or what species hydrangea. Some species of hydrangea will survive in cold climates but their flowerbuds are susceptible to late frosts. This could be the situation you are experiencing. Shade is also a culprit, but you say yours get plenty of sunlight, so that shouldn't be an issue here.

Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine"

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