No Blooms on Hydrangea

I planted regular hydrangea several years ago in my garden with new soil in a sun/shade location. It gets green leaves but never flowers. Last year I planted an oak leaf hydrangea in the same soil in full sun location. Again doubled in size, has green leaves but no flowers...what can I do to get it to bloom?
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There are several reasons why "regular" ( I think you mean the big leaf type, Hydrangea macrophylla) hydrangeas do not bloom. Commonly, it is due to diligent pruning in the fall, by which time the plants have already set buds for the following spring. When pruned, the flower buds are actually removed. Another possibility is that the buds are frozen in the winter although it is doubtful that this is your problem in Maryland. Since you say that both of your hydrangeas are growing well with plenty of leaves, it sounds as if the soil is too rich in nitrogen and that causes lots of foliage but little in the way of flowers. Often high nitrogen fertilizer is appied to lawns to produce lush lawn growth. If this accidentally drifts onto the hydrangea bushes they grow lush as well but seldom bloom. Check to make sure that this is not happening. Also have a soil test done on the new soil that you have imported. If you contact your local Cooperative Extension office (blue or yellow pages) they can give you instructions for sending in a soil sample for testing.

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