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native franjapanie

"Gday gang I have 3 native franjapanie trees that i have pruned and trained to form a large canopy over the existing garden that are doing well except for 1 that is loosing the bark by something like a scale of somesort.the other 2 are fine i`me worried it might spread and i loose the lot.i`ve been using a mixture of white oil and chemspray antiscale insectaside is it the right thing to be using as the tree isn`t improving.sunny area well drainage "
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Thanks for writing! Without being able to see your plant in person, I'm afraid I can't say for certain what the problem is --- or what the best solution is. This free service really isn't meant for diagnosing plant illnesses, unfortunately, because there are so many variables.

My best suggestion would be to check with a local expert, such as someone at a nearby university, or a really well-run nursery or garden center. The staff there should be able to help more if you can answer questions for them about the plant.

Sorry I can't help more. Good luck!

Senior Garden Editor,
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