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my azalea looks dead

Hello. I live in south central PA. I planted a small azalea last fall. I did not realize that the soil needs to be well drained and must be acidic. Our soil has a lot of clay in it. I did mix in compost when I was making the flower bed, used mulch, and I started using coffee grains around the base of the shrub. I know it is still early spring, but my azalea looks dead. Is there anything I can do?
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"If damage has occurred from poor drainage over winter, there's little that you can do to correct what damage has already been done. However, as you note, it is still early spring, and the plant may yet leaf out. Shrubs often leaf out a bit late the year after being planted.
If your azalea is still alive and healthy, consider planting it in a raised mound of soil to which you've added plenty of acidic peat moss. This will get the root zone up out of wet conditions and acidify the soil."

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