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limp and holes on leaves of butterfly bush

"the leaves on my butterfly bush are limp and have holes in them as if they are being eaten. The bush is blooming beautifully, but doesn't look healthy... my other butterfly bush in my back yard is fine and healthy looking. Can you give me some direction? thank you , susan "
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Well the two symptoms are probably not related. Butterfly bush foliage will turn limp at the slightest hint of dry soil. Have you checked the soil around your plant to be sure it's moist. These plants like the soil to be slightly moist at all times. I'd also recommend a mulch. As far as holes are concerned, any number of insects could be at fault. Personally, I would not worry about it because butterfly bushes grow so quickly they can often recover on their own and since butterfly bushes attract insects it would be hard to spray them and not hurt those species  you want to have in your backyard (bees and butterflies). I'd just be sure it's not too dry."

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