Light-o Day -Hydrangea shrub has never flowered

i have 'light-o-day hydrangea , it has never flowered it does get morning sun ,,,what can I do to get it to flower ? ...thanks Sue

Submitted by sjhh470

How long have you had this hydrangea? Because Light o Day has variegated foliage, it is less vigorous than varieties with solid green foliage, and may take a bit longer to become established and bloom. If you're providing adequate sunshine and plenty of moisture, it's usually just a matter of time until the shrub blooms. Also, because of the variegated foliage, blooms are usually not as numerous as on plain-foliage types.

Answered by DSchrock
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Light O Day also flowers on 2nd year growth so if you're pruning your hydrangea every year you're pruning off your blooms. Also in northern cooler climates most of the hydrangeas that bloom on old wood don't ever bloom.
Submitted by drjaymedc