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Leaf drop in Sycamore Tree

We live in Stockton, CA, Central Valley, Sunset zone 14, USDA zone 9. We have had a Sycamore Tree in our backyard that is around 13 years old. We are in Spring time, and all of a sudden, our tree is dropping its leaves. It began putting new leaves two months ago, and now it is dropping them! The fallen leaves look dry, scorched, with yellow dots and curled edges. We have been experiencing a very windy season and almost no rain, compare to last year. Do you think is a fungus or lack of water?
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Rake up those diseased leaves, bag them and throw them away. It is most probably sycamore anthracnose, which usually appears in spring. As your sycamore puts out new leaves toward summer and the weather gets warmer and drier, this fungus will subside. But do get rid of the leaves so it won't reappear next year.

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