Lack of Flowers on Hydrangea

Many of my macrophylla hydrangeas seem to refuse to flower. I have not removed old wood, and this spring there was no late frost. Several of them get 6+ hours of sun, with a few others getting only partial sun, dappled shade. Why will they not flower? Is there anything I can do to get them to flower now? One that has done very well in the past has only two very small flowers this year. HELP!
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You've covered almost all of the causes for poor hydrangeas blooms--improper pruning, late frost damage, and too much shade. The only other culprit I can think of is too much nitrogen, which would push your hydrangeas to produce leafy green growth and no blooms. High nitrogen is a possibility if you have applied turf fertilizer or bloodmeal near your hydrangeas. Nitrogen does flush down through the soil profile rapidly with regular rainfall, so if it is the problem, it should go away on its own. Try applying a high phosporous fertilizer lightly on the ground around your hydrangeas. Look for a fertilizer with a big middle number--10-30-10, for example. The phosphorous will push your plants to produce blooms.

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