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Lack of flowering

I have a small, old (at least 20 yr. old) azalea tree that we transplanted from my parents' garden. The first year it bloomed very nicely. The next year only a few blooms. Since then, not a one. It is planted in similar conditions to the location at my parents'. What should I do?
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Thanks for writing. Without more information, I'm afraid I can't really say why it's not blooming for you.

How long have you had it on your property? Do you prune it? Cutting it back at the wrong time of year will prevent blooms. Are you in the same region as your parents? If they're from a warmer place --- even if it's 5 to 10 degrees warmer in the winter --- it could be that your area is too cold and the azalea's buds are freezing out over winter. Do the leaves look healthy? Do you fertilize it? Answers to questions such as these would be very helpful. You might contact the folks at your county extension service for more help --- if you can tell them more about the azalea, they should be able to tell you more.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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