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I'm kind of new at this whole gardening thing and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing or what I'm reading on here I'm wanting to know, how deep do juniper roots grow??? I am planning on putting them next to the house as a decoration to my front yard but I don't want the roots to grow into my foundation...I was just wondering how deep do the roots go and how far away from the house should they be planted??? Thanks!
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Thanks for writing. If you're growing shrubby junipers that don't get too tall, the roots shouldn't bother your foundation at all. But if you're looking at bigger varieties (10 feet tall or more), then you'll want to be a little more careful about planting.


If you're planting the shrubby ones, the roots should only go down a foot or so --- but they'll spread as wide as the plant in most cases. To avoid problems with the juniper and your house, look at the plant's mature width and plant it at least half that away from your wall. For example, if it grows 5 feet wide, plant it at least 2.5 feet from your house so the plant can develop a natural shape and not get squished up.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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