Is there anything I can do for lightning damage to my tree?

A huge tree in my yard was struck by lightning in a recent storm. Is there anything I can do to help it survive?
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Tall trees are common targets for lightning strikes. The extent of damage from lightning varies greatly. In some cases, internal injury to water-conducting tissues can happen without visible damage to the bark or branches. Bark may be split open the full length of the tree. Branches may explode. A section of the top may be killed. Roots can be killed. Lightning strikes are more common on tall, solitary trees and those growing in moist soil or near bodies of water. You may need to wait and see if the tree needs to be removed or if it will recover; the extent of internal damage can't be determined immediately. Trim back loose bark to where it is solidly attached. Fertilize the tree and keep it watered during dry periods. Continue to monitor the tree's health. Remove dead branches that may appear. If the tree continues to decline, it may need to be removed.

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