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Is there a way to train a climbing hydrangea to grow faster?

My climbing hydrangea has many runners, but they're not growing very much and none of them has bloomed. Is there a special way to train this plant so it grows faster? I want to train it to grow up a maple tree.
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Don't feel bad about your plant: Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) can be very slow to grow. But once established, it is spectacular, so don't give up on yours. The plant climbs with holdfasts that grow along its stems, so there is little you can do to help the vines climb faster. I don't recommend planting climbing hydrangea against a tree, especially a maple. Maples are shallow-rooted and will compete with the vine for moisture in the soil. Because the maple has a much larger root system, it will easily win the competition. If the hydrangea should happen to win the battle, it can become very large (more than 50 feet long) and very heavy. It could eventually shade out your maple tree. Instead, you might train your vine to grow up brickwork, a wood fence, or some other structure.

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