Is it true that weeping willows are hard on water? Are there any others that are safer to plant?

I have been told not to plant weeping willows because they are hard on water. Is this true? I love weeping trees. Are there any others that are safer to plant?
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Willows (Salix babylonica) aren't necessarily hard on water, but they do prefer a lot of moisture. Their root systems can be invasive in sewer systems. They are weak-wooded and messy, dropping branches during storms. In addition, they are subject to numerous disease and insect problems. Weeping willows have their place along the shorelines of lakes or for stabilizing riverbanks, but they are a poor choice for most home landscapes. Many other trees have weeping forms, including birch, beech, pine, and crabapple. And these trees are much more suited to home landscapes than willows. Weeping forms aren't as common in the retail trade, so if you can't find a good selection at your local nursery, you may need to order one from an online nursery or mail-order source.


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