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injury to tree trunk

I recently transplanted a 4-year-old weeping willow, the transplant was successful, but during the digging the trunk was damaged. it wasn't the main trunk but one of two trunk divisions, the entire bark was removed and the area is the size of a large pancake. I replaced most of the bark and immediately bandaged with a cotton wrap. What can i do to repair it and what are the chances of it healing with out permanent damage or threat to the tree? Any help will be appreciated.
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If the bark is gone from an area of the trunk, the best thing that you can do for it is to leave it open and exposed to sun and air so that disease will not enter the wound. Keeping it covered holds in moisture and is more likely to promote rot. Willow is a rapid grower, so there is a reasonable chance that the tree may grow around this wound and recover. However, if the wound extends more than half way around the stem, it will likely be permanently stunted. It might be better to completely remove this side branch if such is the case.

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