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If I cut my overgrown junipers to the ground, will they grow back?

I have some overgrown junipers. Will they grow back if I cut them to the ground?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Such severe pruning will likely kill the plant. If you want to reduce the size of an overgrown juniper (Juniperus), cut it back gradually over a 3-year period. Junipers can be cut back to green tissue, but avoid cutting into older wood that has no green foliage. If the plants are bare at their base, you may be better off removing the overgrown shrubs and replacing them with new ones. Start pruning the new shrubs during their first few years of growth to shape them and maintain their desired size. Minimize the amount of pruning you'll need to do by choosing varieties that won't overgrow the space you have for them.


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