I transplaned my trees with the burlap and wire cage still on, should I dig up and remove it?

I Live in Keenesburg,CO.I just transplanted several Austrian Pines about 8' tall, purchased from the nursery. We were told to fill the hole with water, put in a bag of fertilizer (for transplanting trees) and put the tree in the ground and cover. They have been in the ground for one week and look good. Now I have been told that we should have removed the burlap and wire basket and not added fertilizer to the soil. Should I dig them back up and remove the wire. Also how much water do they need
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Hi So sorry we didn't get back to you right away. Our system for editors to answer questions were down for a month. I generally recommend taking all that material off the root ball, but since these trees are already established, they'll probably be fine.

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Here on Lookout Mtn., Golden, CO, our Austrians are doing well, and I don't think the wire and burlap will bother yours. Water them well until they get a good root system going. Another good recommendation for CO is the Concolor Fir. I planted them at 8' and they are huge, soft-needled as opposed to Blue Spruce, beautiful, good wildlife cover, and don't require water after being established. They are excellent privacy shelters, too. Jean
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