I live in zone 4b; is having a Japanese maple out of the question for me?!?

I want SOOOOO badly to have a Japanese maple (or even 2!) in my landscape--but I know they're only hardy to either zone 5 or 6--and I live in z4(b)... Has there ever been a Japanese maple--either A. palmatum or A. palmatum dissectum--known to have survived (and even performed well) in zone 4??? If it makes any difference, I live only ~10 MILES north of the z4/z5 "border"!! And, if there HAVE been Japanese maple/z4 "success stories", what are some of the hardier cultivars? Thanks!

Submitted by shan_kat7

I'm not aware of any exceptionally hardy Japanese maples, but you might be able to get one to survive by planting it in a partially shaded site near your home, where it would be a bit warmer than out in the yard. Also, if you select a dwarf cultivar, you could mound leaf mulch around it in winter to protect the main trunk. (Be sure to remove the mulch during warm weather.) At best this would be risky. Japanese maples are often marginally hardy in Zone 5.

Answered by DSchrock

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