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Hydrangeas won't bloom

We have 2 hydrangeas in our back yard. They are both partially shaded. We moved here three years ago in September and they have never bloomed. Last year I put Miracle Grow on them, and this year I got fertilizer for trees and shrubs and put around them. There is no sign of a bloom on them. What is going on?
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Thanks for writing. This is actually one of the most common questions we get --- so don't feel bad.

In your area, one of the typical issues is improper pruning. Many hydrangeas make their flowers the year before they bloom --- so if you cut yours back in fall, winter, or spring, you're probably cutting the buds off before they have a chance to grow.

If you don't prune yours back, then it may be an issue with your growing conditions. If they're in a spot that's too shady they won't bloom well. Likewise, if they're in rich soil and you fertilize them (or they're next to a lawn that you fertilize), the extra nutrients might be going to leafy growth at the expense of blooms.

Because they make their blooms a year ahead of time, they're susceptible to getting zapped by a late-spring frost.

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