Hydrangeas don't bloom

"I have had two hydrangeas grow nicely next to my garage on the North side, and are on the east side of the house. They are in a rock bed next to holly bushes, in mostly clay soil, though we added topsoil to the hole when we planted them, and they get partial morning sun until 11:00 a.m. I have had them for four years and they only bloomed the year I planted them. Any suggestions? Thank you! hoosierheusjr06@aol.com"
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Well you don't say what variety of hydrangeas you have. That's key to what might be going on. In most cases, though, hydrangeas don't bloom for the following three reasons: not enough light (the north side of a building won't give them enough sun), improper pruning (you should only prune after the flowers fade) or your region. Many hydrangeas in the north will survive, but won't bloom because winter temps will freeze the flower buds. Again, if I knew what variety you had I could be more specific."

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