Hydrangea without flowers

I bought my hydrangea and left it in the pot for the first season. I planted it in the ground that fall. Last spring it grew large and full with lots of flowers. However, this year it has grown larger and fuller, but there are no flowers nor are there any buds on the shrub. What can I do to produce a flower. The leaves are healthy and large, but no flowers.
Submitted by heyjude191

Hi, Well it's hard to say, without knowing what conditions the plant is growing under. How much shade is it getting? Are you feeding it too much? Have you pruned it at all? All of these issues can effect flowering so repost with more details and we can try to help.

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It is in a partly sunny area (more shade than sun). But it had beautiful flowers last year. The only pruning I have done is to remove dried blooms last fall. I have not fed it at all until this past week. Please advise as to which if these actions are keeping my beautfiul hydrangeas from bloooming. The shrub itself is healthy loooking a growing larger all the time. Would changing any of the above conditons help it bloom this year? All advice is welcome.
Submitted by heyjude191