Hydrandea looks like its burning on tip of leaves

I bought a Endless Summer hydrangea this spring and a Blushing Bride at the same time. I planted both of them near some old railroad ties we have in our yard the Blushing Bride looks fine but my Endless Summer looks like the ends of the leaves have been burned off. I was thinking about replanting it some where else but I wanted to know whats wrong with it since my Blushing Bride seems to be doing fine.
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Thanks for writing! Is your Endless Summer getting more sun or less water? Those are two of the most common reasons why hydrangea leaves would start to burn at the tips. Keep in mind that just because they're near each other, it doesn't mean they're both getting the same light and water.

Also: Have you fed your hydrangeas? Too much fertilizer can also cause the leaf tips to burn. Is your Endless Summer growing closer to a lawn than your Endless Summer Blushing Bride? If so and you fertilize your lawn, the lawn fertilizer might be affecting the Endless Summer.

Have you or any of your neighbors sprayed weed killers lately? That can also cause the sort of leaf damage you describe.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com"

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