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How to keep hydrangea healthy and avoid droopy leaves?

We had a reblooming variety of hydrangea in our backyard which we moved to the front of the house to make room for a patio. Since then it's leaves droop more, and the flowersheads are smaller. Our house faces nortwest and the plant does get afternoon sun. Is this the reason for the droopy leaves?? Will it continue to grow? Or should we move it to back again? will it survive another replanting? We water it regularly, can we do anything else so it doesn't droop and for the flowers to get larger?
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Thanks for writing. It sounds like you may have two situations going on. I'd guess one reason the flowers are smaller is that the plant was recently transplanted and is adapting to its new spot.


The reason the leaves are drooping is probably from the afternoon sun. Giving it some shade during the hottest part of the day will help. Can it survive another move? Probably --- these plants are more resilient than many people think. Just be sure to keep it well hydrated and it should be fine.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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