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How to grow beautiful Miss Kim Lilacs

I planted two Miss Kim Lilacs the last week of March. In May, they bloomed for three weeks. Now the blooms are old and brown. Will I get any more blooms this year and what can I do to ensure long-term beautiful blooms in the future.
Submitted by wanda.f.harvey

Hi, Miss Kim will bloom once a year. You can clip the old flowers off the plant to make it look nicer, but otherwise, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight, they should do fine. And yes, there is a reblooming Korean lilac called Bloomerang that we sell at BHG if you are interested.

Miss Kim will not rebloom to any great extent. Three weeks seems about right. There is a reblooming lilac on the market that gives you some repeat bloom through the season, if you are interested (I think you can get it through White Flower Farm).

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