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How do you make a double mock orange bloom?

I planted a "double mock orange" shrub in our backyard 4 years ago. It's grown, but has never ever bloomed, which is the only reason I bought it. Please can you tell me why it won't bloom?
Submitted by hanson5



Thanks for writing. Be sure your mock orange is growing in full sun; if it gets too much shade, it won't bloom well --- if at all.


Also: Do you prune it at all? The time to cut back mockorange is mid-June, right after the plant finishes blooming. If you cut it back in fall, winter, or early spring, you could be cutting off the flowers.


Is it a mock orange variety that's adapted to your climate? If you have one that's not quite hardy for you, the flower buds could be freezing out every winter.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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