How do you know know if you have a male rhododendron plant or a femal, and what is the differnence in the bloomging process?

My rhododendron didn't bloom this year. Do I have a male plant instead of a female? How do I know if mine is male or female?
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Rhododendron (Rhododendron), like the majority of garden plants, produces flowers that have both male and female parts in the same bloom-so two different plants are unnecessary. In fact, a plant will bloom no matter what sex it is or whether there are any others nearby.  Getting fruit is another matter. A few species of plants, such as holly, bittersweet, and ginkgo, are dio-ecious-meaning that their male and female flowers are on different plants. You need to know which is which only if you want to grow one for its fruit. Only a female dioecious plant can produce fruit, and only if a male plant is nearby to pollinate it. Lack of bloom on your rhododendron is due to some other factor. Severe winter cold could have killed the flower buds but left the vegetative buds unharmed. (Flower buds are slightly less hardy than vegetative buds.) Because flower buds form on rhododendron the previous growing season, stressful weather conditions such as drought may have limited flower bud formation. Also, if you pruned your rhododendron late in summer or in fall last year, you may have removed the flower buds for this spring.

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