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How do I make my dogwood trees bloom?

I have 2 dogwoods dug from woods near a friend's home nearby. They have been in place for 5 years and are 6' tall. They are on the north side of the house and get both sun and shade at different times of day. I keep them watered in summer and mulched to the drip line, away from the trunk. They develop 0 to 10 flowers each spring. Neighbors' dogwoods bloom heavily every year. Why don't mine bloom?
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Well it's hard to be sure because the lack of flowering could be due to several things. First, since you dug these plants from the woods, it often takes plants like this a number of years to get adjusted to the new location and develop an adequate root structure. Also, if your dogwoods are wild they will probably never bloom as well as newer hybrids you may see in your neighbor's landscape. And, it's very possible, being on the north side of your home, that they are not receiving enough sunlight. Lack of sun is often the first thing I worry about when someone says their plant is not blooming properly. It's difficult for me to know for sure what's going, but those are my best guesses."

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