How do i get rid of the black spots on leaves of my asian pear?

i have a 5 year-old asian pear, it has a lot of fruits this year but some of the branches have black spots on the leaves, how can i fix this? i like this tree, it has creamy juicy sweetfruits and i don't want to get rid of it. i have a brown pear in the same area but the leaves are perfect, and it has only 3 fruits this year. please help!
Submitted by lynette_ravanera

Hi, The spots on the leaves of your Asian pear could be any number of problems, but my guess is that it's a fungal problem and at this late date, you won't be able to clear it up this year. I would be sure to rake up all fallen leaves and begin a spray program with a home orchard spray in the spring before bud break. Follow label directions. Of course, without seeing the tree in person I can't be sure so perhaps it might be wise to take a leaf sample to your local extension service or full-service garden center for up-close analysis.

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