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How can I preserve hundreds of "baby" red Japanese maple trees that sprouted in my yard this spring?

My red Japanese maple has sprouted babies this spring, hundreds. They are independent of the mother tree, but not root ball, just small roots. I have dug lots of them to sell or give away. Will they live if they are re-planted now? Please tell me your advice on how to preserve these baby trees. Thanks for your help. P.S. The mother tree has been in my yard for appx. 45 yrs.

Submitted by nonni2three

Hi, Well if they are very young, you can easily dig them up and pot them into indivdual containers to grow them larger. Just be sure to do it now before the plants leaf out too much. You don't want to dig them while they are actively growing. The best time to dig and move deciduous trees is in the early spring or late fall, while they are a bit dormant. Use a good quality potting soil and place them in a location where they receive about the same amount of sunshine as the mother tree. As they grow, they can then be replanted in other locations.

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